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Guided discovery trails in the Great Southern region of Western Australia
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About iTrails founder, Perri Pires

I have amazing memories of growing up. On my birthday each year, I had a really special treat.

One birthday, in particular, stands out. I was turning nine and very excited. Just after breakfast, dad came up to me with a big smile and produced my birthday present, a curtain ring!!! Quizzically I looked at it wondering where my real present was. He then produced the end of a piece of string in his other hand, but still I was baffled. It was only when he explained that I was to thread the ring onto the string and follow it till the very end that I started to feel that little quiver of excitement. I don't know how long it had taken to set up as it turned out that the string was ½ a km long and wound around trees, over creeks and through clusters of rocks. I had to actually follow the complete trail to reach the end of the string…….and my surprise – a tree hammock!

The excitement and fun of this made such a BIG impression on me that when bringing up my own daughters, I tried to give them amazing birthdays that were equally memorable and unique.

What has inspired iTrails 

I am an ex-teacher and have taught 4-year-olds to adults. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and giving people fun and memorable learning experiences. I have been working at the local Visitor Centre here in Albany, W.A. and understand what people are looking for and have seen the need for something stimulating to do when it is raining or when the shops are shut. 

Over the years I have developed a love for cryptic crossword puzzles, geocaching ("hunting for Tupperware using billion dollar technology" and GPS coordinates), travel, photography and learning about the environment. My dream is to be able to share this with you and help you discover W.A.'s South West when you purchase an iTrails booklet.